Are you ready to learn a secret recipe to  feel effortlessly  sexy, confident, beautiful, connected to your irresistible and  seductive feminine energy. Are you ready to  have more fun in life and reconnect with your partner on an

intimate level?

And I’ve had a privilege to help dozens of  women to


These women went from stale, disconnected and boring relationships  to thriving loving relationships that were CHARGED WITH PLAY, FLIRT AND PASSION.

They went from hitting the snooze button every morning to  JUMPING OUT OF BED WITH EXCITEMENT  FOR THE NEW DAY.

They finally were able to feel that they were BEING LOVED, APPRECIATED, AND ADMIRED.

The taste for food, life and sex came back at full speed. They were able to EXPERIENCE LIFE WITH THE VIVIDNESS AND EXCITEMENT THEY THOUGHT WAS FOREVER LOST.

They went from struggling to  juggle a carrier, a household, kids, keeping up with being wives to thriving  lives with PLENTY OF TIME FOR JOY, ADVENTURES, TRAVEL, PAMPERING AND TIME TO SPEND WITH THE LOVE OF THEIR LIFE.

They went from feeling empty and unloved to feeling special, beautiful and fabulous. They were finally able to PUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR DESIRES FIRST, BE HEARD AND VALIDATED.

How did they do this? you ask.
You know, one thing I can tell you. They are not special.


And I’m not only talking about the spark between your partner and you.


Both of them are connected.

   Do you ever feel  like YOUR LIFE HAS SLIPPED AWAY FROM YOU WITHOUT YOU EVEN NOTICING. It’s like somebody invisible robbed of the joy and freshness for life and the body you used to love. Where did it all go? You used to wear sexy lingerie for him and now evening pajama is your finest.

 You’re so busy with household and kids and work  and THERE’S JUST NOT ENOUGH OF YOU TO GO AROUND FOR EVERYONE. It’s exhausting. It is hard to keep up with everyone’s demands. People around you always want something from you. You feel so tired of being used. All you want to do is to snuggle up in your bed and cover yourself with a blanket and just disappear ( at least temporarily).

Do you ever feel like YOUR LIFE BECAME BORING?  It’s like a drill for you  to wake up in the morning and   every new day is not much different than a previous  one. THERE IS NO NEWNESS OR PASSION LEFT IN YOUR DAY.

  You’re so tired of this same old same old pattern, and  your soul craves travel, adventures, fun experiences. YOUR SOUL CRAVES BEAUTY AND APPRECIATION.

   You want to be loved and appreciated for all your selfless giving.  You  are doing so much for others, but FEELING THAT  PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND OR SEE YOUR SELF SACRIFICE. They just want to take your kindness without giving back.

You used to be a free- spirit, follow where the wind took you  and  now YOU FEEL SO STUCK  in this stifling cage  and keys are nowhere to be found.

YOU FEEL SO ALONE IN THIS. You feel like nobody else can understand you.

When you  get a minute to breathe, you open up your social media account and all you see beautiful women with sexy bikini bodies traveling to Bali and Peru, while you are stuck here without a point of freedom or financial ability to follow your adventurous heart. You are stuck thinking  HOW ARE THEY BETTER THAN YOU? Why are they so special that you are not? Jealousy strikes like a knife.


 It’s like YOU KNOW THAT SOMETHING IS MISSING,  but you don’t know what exactly is missing and where to find it. You are already trying so hard to be the best for everyone else that there is nothing left for you.


You are following the rules, you are living right, you are working hard, you are being nice, making everyone happy, BUT YOU ARE NOWHERE NEAR FEELING HAPPY OR FULFILLED YOURSELF AND  HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS  THAT YOU ARE DOING WRONG.


And it’s like you are stuck in some sort of


and you cannot find the way out because the circle is locked together.

You tell yourself. I cannot quit now because

-There are responsibilities,

-There are promises that you have made to take care of others,

-There are bills to pay

-There are dishes to wash, a house to clean, a dinner to cook


And with the blink of an eye your day is gone and you feel so tired and exhausted at the  end of it and there’s  JUST NO ENERGY LEFT FOR ANYTHING ELSE.


Do you remember yourself in your youth?

Before the husband, before the kids. You had all these dreams that you were going to bring into life. Future looked so optimistic.

And here we are now –  years later and not only your plans for life  didn’t come true but life itself has become unbearable. You feel like you have failed it at life. Like if your  life was  some sort of competition or a race.

And you just live on auto pilot.

Eat on autopilot without experiencing the taste fully.  Have sex on auto pilot without truly enjoying it. You roll through the day on autopilot without any emotion, because you are tired.  You feel like you don’t have much to strive to.

You would have loved to go back to that stage of freshness and excitement in feeling the passion and seeing the beauty but you don’t know how.


It’s stifling. Because I have been there too.

9 Years ago, I  knew I was meant for so much more, but somehow I got stuck in this never ending circle of trying to earn tiny money, just enough to cover my bills and maybe, and that is a big maybe, if I worked two jobs and I saved up for a year I would have enough to go on vacation.

    And I used to work so hard and there was no time or energy left for me to even have desires to do something fun after work. I was so stuck in my vicious circle and my fear of what would have happened if I quit the job that I hated. What would I do then? How would I pay the bills?   I had a worst case scenario vision. I knew for sure the World would come to an end if I quit the job. I felt so misunderstood, lacked freedom and control over my life.

     Because of that, I started eating my pain away, numbing my suffering with food. I started gaining weight. I have been in that miserable cycle for years without knowing how to get out.

If  back then I had met a mentor or  a coach who would have shined the light on my path and has guided me out of it, I would have saved so many years  of my life trying to figure it all out myself.


      And maybe, just maybe something terrible that shook my entire world to show me the path would not have happened. That was right in time for when I found out that I was unexpectedly pregnant.


     You see, if you live in the state of  unhappiness you produce resistance. When you live in the state of resistance and struggle you attract more struggle. Eventually just like a volcano erupts when it cannot take it anymore, something drastic happens in our lives that shakes everything up.


I call this one the case of FOUR TERRRIBLE D’s
Death, disease, debt or divorce

One of those will come into your life and  shake your entire world up. That is when you will be thrown into your lowest low. You would feel that there is no lower ground  you can even go.  And in that moment you start to grow upwards, because  the only other way is up.


     Growth is our natural state. Getting out of our comfort zone is not easy, but it is the process through which we get our fulfillment. If you are feeling comfortable now and you have just enough of happiness and getting out of your comfort zone is too inconvenient. Know this, if you don’t grow, you going back. Middle part in this does not exist. So if you are  going backwards that one of the terrible fours will strike when you least expect it.


   Being complacent and ignorant is not our natural state. Being stuck in a comfort zone is unnatural. Nature has cycles and so do humans. It is a law of nature, if you are stuck in complacency something terrible is already getting ready to come and shake you up.


And that is what happened to me.

  I was so resistant to change, because I was so stuck in my fear and so  lost in my drama of not knowing how to change my life, when something unexpected happened. I discovered I got pregnant. All while on birth control pills. Surprise!

       I was shocked at first. But then I realized that the baby was bringing  me the new life I was so desperately craving. With my  pregnancy I would finally be able to  find  happiness . It would have  been  a proper excuse to no longer go to work and I would have had a legitimate reason and therefore permission to be free. It is so sad to look back and realize that so many women nowadays are still waiting for their permission to be free.

Now after all these years I know that the only permission I needed to get, was my own.


    Every day I grew more and more excited for the new baby to come into my life. We cleared out my old office room and turned it into a nursery. We decorated the wall with a  jungle mural. We got all  the clothes and baby toys organized. We were just  about 36 weeks in and  only four weeks away from our due date, happily awaiting for our new arrival. That is when the tragedy hit.


    One evening I had terrible cramps and when I went to see the doctor in the morning  and the doctor   told me that my baby’s heart stopped beating and I had to give birth to my son immediately and that my son was no longer alive. At that  point in life I did not even realize that babies can die while still  in the womb.


    This shook every single belief system that I had. I thought the Universe had provided me with this  unexpected miracle, and now the miracle  has been taken away from me.  How dare you, Universe!   And why me? So unfair, I thought.

That is when I realized that life was very fragile.

I realized  that we may not be here tomorrow. One day we are here, and another day we are not. That is when   all of my reservations and my fear of not being a good girl, follow the rules, blend in with  society and play a nice girl role have disappeared. My grief has brought my rebel side to the very top of my throat. I was ready to scream at the top of my lungs. First out of pain.  But then I wanted, No, I  NEEDED to shake up everyone else to wake up.


I have finally broke through my  fear of being afraid to not be liked, to be judged, to be argued with  and started telling MY truth. I was finally okay  that MY truth  may not be comfortable for other people to hear. I was no longer afraid to stand for  the things that I believed in, despite the fact that I may not be liked by everyone and not everyone will agree with me.  And I didn’t care.

I was no longer afraid to be visible and to speak up.

  This  shaking  experience  turned everything upside down  inside of me and I have given myself a  promise  that I will live my life to the fullest, with passion, with purpose and I will awaken other women to do the same.

Life it’s too short to settle for our low vibe drama of not knowing what to do about your life and your miserable excuses and complacency.

I have promised myself to find a way to live my best life: life filled with adventures, financial abundance, travel, passion, creativity, amazing people, mentors, sunshine, beauty, amazing works of art, mind blowing sex, and  experiences that I would remember forever.


I have given myself a promise to never regret anything. I have given myself a promise to find my purpose. I was finally feeling that living my life, speaking my message out loud off the top of the mountain  was my biggest gift to the world. And that was my life purpose.



I have given my life into the hands of the higher forces and I have asked for them to give me the strength and put me on the path to deliver messages to women who needed to hear them. I was put on a path of a light worker and that is why I am here with you today.

I have discovered that my magic did not disappear.

My magic has been with me all along, sitting dormant at the bottom of my spine. It is when I have allowed it to awaken and gave myself permission to live the life on MY terms, this is when everything around me started shifting as well.

I was able to create the schedule that worked for me, the schedule that allowed me time for my spiritual practice, the business that fulfilled my mission, financial abundance that maintained my sense of adventure. I know that you have this power  too and ability to create a passionate life for yourself. I know you have feminine magic in you and  I know how to bring it back.

DYM (12 of 12)

Just look at these clients of mine that were impressed with the result after working with me


Maria Said, “Working with Katya has turned my life into the movie EAT PRAY LOVE, but with way more sensuality added to it. I feel like I have the taste for life, food, love.  I feel so fortunate to live on my terms now.”

Jennifer said, she feels like she has finally started living. “It’s like this wild woman that has been awakened within. That woman is free spirited and adventurous. That woman is no longer okay  settling for less. After working with Katya, I have realized that my husband of 12 years was not the right person for me. I did not get the appreciation and love from him for all the things I was doing and sacrificing for him. I just wanted to be loved, but I was never enough for him. And so here I am – finally getting to realize that I am important and I should honor myself first. I am just starting this journey and it looks amazing.”

DYM (8 of 12)

Laura said that “working with Katya has made me realize that I am important too. That  I deserve to not just be a Mom, but also be a woman, who pursues my love for painting. I thought I had no time for that. Nor  did I have a desire to bring it back into my life. When we started exploring what made me happy, I have realized what was missing and I have decided to give it a try again.  I finally feel like I can have an outlet for myself too. I combined it all and I don’t have to sacrifice myself and things I love for my family. Now everything that’s important to me : my husband, my kids, my art – I have time for all now.”

After  working with Katya to Discover my Magic program I feel like I have such a better knowing of myself. After being a Mom for so long and raising my two kids who just have just left for college I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Being a mom is all I knew how to be.  It feels like I am just now starting to rediscover myself again. I start noticing what I love, what my sexuality is like, what my passions are. I’m slowly starting to discover who I am. I  value myself so much more after the program. In fact, I should say, I now know my value and it feels amazing.


Lisa said,

“I have finally re-discovered the spark for my relationship. It’s great to have it back. Before my husband and I were like roommates. It was so transactional, but now we have remembered how we used to be back in the day, crazy, passionate and adventurous. I did not know we could be those people again. Turns out I was wrong. It’s like when he noticed I started changing, he started changing too. We now enjoy our date nights and our time together. Our spark  is reignited. He sees me for a beautiful passionate woman now, instead of just a wife of 8 years. I feel like it would not have happened if it wasn’t for Katya’s  coaching.”

Xenia said, “I was so wrapped up in my business, I was just waking up and living my life on  autopilot. I was not mindful about how I spent my days. I mean, all I did was work, work, work, because it was all I knew.   I don’t have husband or kids, so all of my time was dedicated to my business. After working with Katya, I have discovered that I have a fire in me. I have gained insight on why I work so hard. It has also become very clear to me why I am still single. Life is so much more than work. I have learned to see life differently. I now dedicate the time for the things that I discovered I enjoy. I discovered that I enjoy dancing, so now I go to dance classes. Also because all I did was working I felt so lonely and I did not have many friends. Well now I have met some wonderful people in my dance class and we go for lunches together. I have embraced my feminine side, because I was providing for myself, I had such a controlling and masculine attitude and I guess men just did not feel like dating me. Katya and I worked on softening the side of me that was closed off to relationships. I have learned to chill now. So, a funny fact, two guys want to date me all of a sudden. What a change!”

DYM (6 of 12)

Marissa said, “ I was always so shy and had self esteem issues. When Katya and I started working together on discovering my uniqueness, I thought – good luck finding it. However what I did not realize is that the qualities I always thought were my weakness turned out to be my points of strength. I thought being quiet was something undesirable, but she has showed me how it has made me more relatable, more attentive, more of a listener.

   Another aspect that we worked on with Katya was my sexuality.

I grew up in a very strict Christian family and sex was frowned upon. Sex was taboo. Like, nobody did sex. Like, it did not exist. So I was always so ashamed to be sinful. I felt so dirty for wanting sex and having thoughts about it. Katya worked with me on breaking through all these beliefs I had  from my upbringing. Now I don’t just settle out of my fear to not feel loved. I started directing my current boyfriend on where he needs to touch. I am no longer ashamed of me wanting to enjoy sex. My sex life has never been better.


Samantha said, Katya was my boudoir photographer at first. I decided to do a boudoir session because I did not like my body. I was not perfect, I had mommy pooch and c section scars. When I saw my images I was blown away. I have changed the way I saw myself.  I decided to work with Katya through personal coaching on my body confidence, to feel good about it every day, not just that day. I really wanted to fall back in love with it. What I have discovered was much more. I discovered that my unlove to my body was ultimately my unlove to myself. I did not value me. I felt empty. I was trying to make myself outside pretty, when the inside needed validation. Not only through our work I have developed a sense of personal value, I have discovered and accepted myself – my inner self. It has translated into seeing my body as a beautiful vessel that holds the true me. I have learned to love my body too, because I am a beautiful person. Inside and out. And I say it with pride, because it was a personal journey, and I am so amazed at how far I have come.”

Leila, said “Katya  has helped me see more to my life. I was very disappointed with how my life was unfolding. In fact I have hit some sort of midlife crisis.  I was nowhere near to where I was supposed to be based on my life plans that I have made for myself back in my twenties. Now in my fifties, I felt so discouraged. I felt that I may have failed as a woman, because I did not have kids and I did not have a romantic partner. I was not like everyone else. My old friends had kids and were long married. I felt like some sort of loser. But Katya has made me stand up to who I am. I have realized that I did not want to have kids in the first place and it was okay, even though not accepted as a norm by my parents. I also realized, I did not want to be tied up in a marriage. I have finally come to terms with who I am.

I got clarity of what lifestyle I desire and I am totally going for it. I think I waited long enough, I now want to experience life, go travel.”

These women have had their breakthroughs and it is your turn now.

Our signature 90 day one to one mentorship program that will make you feel sexy, desired, connected to you feminine energy. You will learn to have more fun and play in life. It will help you re-connect with your partner on intimate level who will value you for YOU.


This program will help you


–      Reconnect with your inner child
–       Add more playfulness to your life
–       Have more adventures on a weekly basis
–       Reignite your passions and creativity
–       Awaken your sexual energy
–       Experience yourself as a Seductress
–       Embrace the Goddess that is waiting to unleash
–       Start living your life from a feminine perspective
–       Add more alightment and flow into your life
–       Ease the synchronicities and luck back into your life
–       Finally fall back in love with your life again
–       Fall back in love with you
–       Start seeing your body with loving eyes
–       Understand how unique and special you are
–       Release any shame about yourself or your body
–       Forgive yourself and others for the person you are not
–       Release yourself from beliefs that are holding you back
–       Increase your self- worth and confidence
–       Develop that level of meaning, purpose and spirituality that you are craving
–       Bring back fire into your relationship and living

If you don’t apply, your life will stay the same.

And do you remember about terrible D’s I told you earlier? Death, Divorce, Disease and Debt. Don’t let it go that far.

Don’t do the mistakes I have made by not  seeking proper guidance.

Don’t waste years of your life to discover what you are missing. Let me help you.


  • 12 Weekly Video Coaching Sessions
  • 90 minute program kick off intensive
  • End of Week Accountability Check-ins
  • And  to secure our results you will have homework, tasks and challenges to implement immediately after our sessions.


–       You will continue living boring life full of what ifs

–       You will always wonder if there was a better life available to you

–       You will  continue feeling unappreciated

–       You will continue feeling unfulfilled

–       You will continue looking at the mirror and regret what you see

–       You will continue drag your feet out of bed in the morning to live same old life

–       You will never know how much power you have in you

–       You will continue wondering why your husband doesn’t pay attention to you or listen

–       You will not experience his fascination when he rediscovers what his wife is truly about

–       Your husband will not fall back in love with you

–       You will not show your kids an example what a happy life really is about

–       You will continue to struggle and wonder why others are so much luckier than you

–       You will not take control of your life

–       Because if nothing changes – nothing changes

Imagine the life of big dreams and possibilities. The life where you love how you feel in your body and how others respond to you with respect and excitement. Imagine the life that you knew was possible for you when you were a little girl. Imagine the life filled with pleasures, confidence and love. This life is meant for you. Let me show you the path.