Katya Melvin works exclusively with women entrepreneurs who are ready to start a business or  make a change in their business and move to the next level.

Areas of specialty include

1. Life Purpose Discovery and help with turning your passion into a business that brings you money.

Are you still wondering what it is that you are  supposed to do here and how you can get out of the 9-5 rut and start supporting yourself and make money with you passion project ?

Are you still wondering what your passion project is? Or you already have a passion project, but don’t believe it can make you enough money to support yourself? I can help you work through your limiting beliefs and set a very specific reachable financial goals to set you free from  what is holding you back and put you on the track of success in your business.


2.  Manifestation of Wealth and Success via your business. 

Apply the law of attraction on a daily basis to bring you financial success in your endeavor, clients who are obsessed with you and willing to pay a lot of money to work with you. If you have not yet heard of Spiritual laws of money I will teach you on how to not only manifest money but also  manage and multiply  money when they come, that will set you off on the right track with your financial future.

If you are like me, coming from a poor family, it may be hard for you to believe that you don’t need to work hard to earn money and you can do it by doing what you already love. In fact working with  the spiritual laws of money will bring you more money that your old way of “working hard and facing reality”.  I have been there. I was told that money don’t grow on trees and that I have to find work  and work hard to earn money. I was taught that I have to save up money if i want something. I was taught that  I should avoid credit cards by all means. I was taught that I must be frugal.    I have discovered that a lot of what I have been taught is a big lie. Yes you can use these  principles, but they will not get you far in life.

Now it is your turn  to discover new principles and I will teach you and keep you accountable on achieving that success and the money  that you deserve. You can finally live a lifestyle you have always dreamed of.


3. Bringing Mindfulness, Spirituality and Happiness into your daily life

Why are you here? You know you came here to do something so much bigger than earn money. Or you may have all the money in the world, but you are still unhappy. Something is still missing. What is missing? We will work with you on uncovering your true reasons why you are  unhappy. Sometimes we don’t  feel fulfilled with our lives and cannot fully enjoy them. Sometimes we are missing the bigger picture, bigger purpose, bigger meaning. A lot of times we think we need a person, object or circumstance to  feel happy.  But when we receive object, person or circumstance we are still unhappy. The reason is – we need to start changing ourselves first  instead of changing our situations.


We focus on one goal at a time. We determine what is holding you back from the life of your dreams and create a clear actionable plan for you to follow. It takes time, desire and willingness to change and do the work in order to see the change in your life. Making a change also requires letting go of your old stories and beliefs and replacing them with bigger and better stories that you are yet to fulfill. Setting clear goals, sharp focus   and accountability is going to play a huge role in making your story a new story of success.

Please be clear that life coaching requires personal efforts to get you where you want to get. But the fact that you are looking into coaching is a great start. It starts with a desire to change your life. I am  not a  therapist, I don’t uncover your inner  issues or past hurts, what i do,  I take your life as it is right now and guide you to that place that you want to get to by giving you a steps, guidance and tools to achieve that.


Please schedule a complementary 30 minute consultation to see if life coaching with Katya Melvin would be right  for you.


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