Somewhere along the way in a stage of my life I was right where you currently  are. I was broken, shy, quiet, afraid to express my opinion, scared of judgment, not happy with how I looked. I was bitter and hurt because I felt like I was victim of my unfortunate circumstances and was lacking the power to change anything in my life. I was so mad with how unfair the world around me was.

Why that some women had it all? Nice cars, careers, sexy husbands, beautiful kids, nice homes, made tons of money and traveled to South of Italy every summer for that peach glow that they carried around everywhere.

I always wondered how they had more luck than me. Was that because they had rich sugar daddies or did they have a secret money faucet in the basement? The thought that some women had it all stung. I was jealous. It felt so unfair that they had it all and here I was, this beautiful bright woman, who was way too smart for her own good, is still counting her single dollars and working two jobs for an entire year in order to save up for a budget vacation in Mexico.

I was struggling accepting that my only option to make money was going to work I could not stand and barely make my rent and bills. In reality, I knew that I was too stubborn, proud and independent to work for anyone else. All I really wanted was to have my own successful business and be in charge of my own schedule and how much money I was making and not what someone else said I was worth paying. It was a matter of a pride, you know.

I knew I meant for so much more but I didn’t know how to get from the place that I was stuck at to the place that I really saw myself living my best life.

And if we are truly honest here, I thought that this amazing life would never come true for me. That magical life  was for someone else, someone more beautiful than me, someone with more luck than me, someone with more money than me, but not me – just a girl from Siberia, who was trying to make it as best as she could.  It was in the realm of dreams, not reality. No-one came to me back then and told me that my epic life was possible and that I would soon be living it, only if I could overcome my own way of thinking.

And as I kept on dreaming and thinking that one day, just one day, things would turn around for me. That maybe a star would fall from the sky and one morning I would wake up and my life would be transformed. That waiting for miracles game went on for 10 years and I kept waking up every morning and the stars were still up in the sky and none were falling.

At some point my desperation was so high and the change was not coming, and I couldn’t wait any longer. Some say it would be an insanity to keep doing what you have been doing every day and expecting different results.

After my husband and I got pregnant unexpectedly with our first child, I immediately thought this must have been a new life I was so desperately seeking. Becoming a mother, staying home with my baby, starting my own business, what could have been better? And as my husband and I were preparing for the new magical life to come in just one short month, we discovered the most heartbreaking news of our lives – that our child wrapped the cord around his neck three times while in the womb and his heart was no longer beating.

This was not beginning but the end of our world as we knew it.

All my life I was waiting for the savior to come and save me. My husband was supposed to be my savior to make us financially abundant. When this did not happen, this child was supposed to come and save me from the life I so despised back then. Avoiding taking charge of my life was an obvious pattern that revealed itself a few years later.

What we thought was a normal way of life was no longer a normal way of life. The Universe has showed up to tell me that our lives were fragile and we might not be here another day, hour, minute.
And from that point on, I knew that I could no longer stay quiet, complacent, fearful of other people’s opinions. Just like my son’s short life has revealed itself, he was here and he was gone, our life was destroyed to pieces and everyone else’s life? – It went on. Pointless chase. Paycheck hungry. And bills… bills were still there to be paid.

I was terrified that when I was gone nobody was going to even notice that I lived, I loved, I made a difference,  I left a legacy.

I knew I had a big calling. And I decided to step over my fears to pursue my true purpose in life which was to awaken women to their power. Just like the Universe have awakened me to my power, I have picked up my broken pieces and put them together and from the ashes I have risen.

You read these words today and they took a decade of active personal development and growth, life experience, failures and successes, hands on mistakes, myriad of situations I don’t even have room to mention here. My painful, scary and hard decisions and taking risks made me into a woman I am today.

You ask me, why are you so confident, because I went though some dark times and worked through my shadows.

You ask me why I am travelling the world now and living life. The answer is, because I knew the price and value of life and how short it is.

You ask me why I have money, because I worked through my darkest times of not having any and I was hungry enough to fail for four years straight so for my year five in business, I was finally seeing changes in the right direction.

I lived, I learned, I worked through my demons and it is your turn now. I am here to give you the guidance that I did not have when I was at my lowest. I am here to awaken you to your power. Shake you up into your dreams, direct you into your divine purpose that you came to gift to the world.

I am here to get you out of your fear and into your new realm of possibilities and dreams, through awakening your divine power within.

It is my divine purpose and my utter pleasure to present you with my beautiful transformational coaching programs that I invite you to step in. My life’s work is at your fingertips and it is about to change your life forever.

Because just like flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. You can create difference in your life and the life of women around you too.