We live  in the age where everyone claims to be  some sort of a coach. That is perfectly fine and wonderful that we all have knowledge to share. However, in the sea of confusion, the task of finding the right coach for you is becoming overwhelming.

That is why choosing the right person takes time. One on one interaction and areas of specialty is so important.

Personal Story

In my personal journey I have hired multiple coaches and mentors to guide me in life and business. It took me a while to commit to a decision of hiring someone to help me out.

It took me 6 initial consultations with 6 coaches to find the right one for me. Not only I connected well with my coach, but I also felt that  after initial consultation I was already given an action plan to follow right away and good books to read. Right then I knew, she was a coach for me and she can really  help me with my own struggles back in the days.

What made committing to the coach the most challenging factor for me,  was not knowing if the person was right for me and if she could really help or if this would be a waste of my money. I didn’t know if paying a lot of money for mentoring and help would really make a difference in my life. In fact, I was in such desperate  financial state, we are talking tens of thousands in credit card debt, after my spontaneous decision to purchase real estate investing education  from one real estate guru who promised to  get rich quick solution and put it  all on a credit card,  that finding help was a matter of life and death. My life and business was standing at a still-point and finding that extra cash to pay for help was nearly impossible. At least that was my way of thinking back then.

But,  I took out yet another credit card and have committed to hire help. And just this step has made huge impact in my life and business that has set me off to a new world and  new realization that everything I’ve been doing, I have been doing it all wrong.

My first mentor worked with me on developing actionable  plan for me to implement in my business in  order to get me  back  on my feet as quickly as possible. My only job was to follow her plan. She kept me accountable for my success.  Just the fact that I cashed out,  was a declaration of my commitment to change my miserable situation into a journey to success. Thinking back if I have  gotten  free help from someone else, I would not have committed to change my life, because there would not have been anything on the line.

Since then I have hired multiple mentors to guide me through my business and life. And because I have seen such drastic changes from hiring life coaches,  my path has become very clear   and now I am committed to  give back.

Life Coach or a Mentor?

The difference between life coach and the mentor is that mentor has already accomplished what you are currently trying to accomplish yourself. That is why I consider myself more of a mentor than a coach due to the fact that I specialize in areas that I have successfully completed myself. I know exactly what works and that what doesn’t. I know why I failed  in the past and what I did differently that  has worked for me now.


What  Life coaching can do for You?

We will identify, clarify and create a vision for what you really want. Even you don’t yet know what you really want, with proper guidance and deep questions, I will uncover your true desires for life and create a plan for you to follow.

We can only focus on one goal at a time. So committing to accomplish one goal at a time and concentrate solely on that one goal is the key to success.

I will keep you accountable for the results.

My program goes beyond strategies. It incorporates the power of your mind, meditations, success practices and visualization into our work.

I am incorporating a  spiritual approach to coaching. That is why I call it a holistic approach. We take  body, mind and spirit and use all three to create the life you deserve.

In short,

  • We will identify your goals and define your vision to be successful
  • We create personal action plan
  • We uncover your limiting beliefs
  • We set new goals
  • We incorporate the spiritual side and the power of your mind into your daily life


What I am not?

I am not a therapist. I do not diagnose or focus on your past. I take you where you are right now and develop a path for you to follow.

Also if at any point of our work we access an area of your life that does not fit my area of specialty, I know wonderful personal friends, business partners and coaches  in  business and relationship arena  who specialize in  other areas and  I will refer you to them so they can make a difference in your life.


How does it all work?

Our goal usually takes eight weeks to accomplish depending on how big your goal really is. I will give you personalized recommendations and materials that can help you streamline your process.

  1. Will will start off with a complementary initial  consultation,  usually over the phone to make sure that we are the right fit and I am the right person to help you. I only take clients who 100%  committed to making a change and I can help them accomplish their goals and get them closer to their dreams.
  2. When you make a decision that this is a right fit and we would like  to continue working together I send you a questionnaire to assess your current situation and where you want to be.
  3. Next we schedule a 2 hour  Jumpstart Coaching Session  in person or via Skype or Facetime the purpose of which is to develop an action plan for you to follow.  Jumpstart Coaching session comes with 5 follow up emails and one 20 minute follow up phone call usually 2 weeks- 1 month after our session.
  4. After that we schedule our Skype coaching calls on an individual or weekly basis.

For more information and packages, please contact us via email or contact form on the website.

About Katya Melvin

Hello my Soul Sister,

My name is Katya MKatya Melvin Photoelvin. I am an entrepreneur, life coach, photographer, spiritual teacher, world traveler,  avid book reader a mother and a wife.

I have been following my life purpose for over five years inspiring other women find purpose and passion, become happier, more successful, more inspired. I share the belief that everything is possible to achieve if one really desires to do so.

I believe in God, but don’t belong to any church.  I am spiritual, yet practical. I am a big dreamer , yet I take small steps to achieve big things.    I have had a few road bumps  along the way, however,  every time I have come out stronger and better than I was before. And if you read my blog, you will get to know what my life journey was.