When did the time go? Alexi is now five and we just celebrated his fifth birthday. I don’t even know where to begin. What happened to the little boy I used to hold in my arms wrapped him in a blanket?  I remember  rocking in the  chair to calm my tiny newborn down from crying.

Now look at him. He has his mind made up. He has his social circle and his friends. He knows what he wants.  He’s all grown up. He has a very distinct personality. He likes to make people laugh. He is the center of attention. Hi is definitely a center of his own world and claims to be the center of hours. (Talking about boundaries here. LOL)  He likes to be loud and funny. He likes to tell others what to do. I can see him developing into a leader.

As a mother my main job is to clear and guide  him on the path that will help him  develop his  best qualities. I could only hope I could do  the right job.

My biggest wish for my son is that he will be able to set his priorities in life and chose happiness. I can only  hope he can make good decisions for himself.

Happy birthday Alexi boy are now five.


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