With the rise of self-help books and affirmations the subject of  law of attraction has become so popular. Almost everyone knows that they need to be visualizing their dream life and keep at it every day. One of the most important part of visualization is being thankful for what we already have. Do you remember that a few years ago you did not have what you have now? Do you remember that a few years ago you dreamed of having what you have now, and  you dreamed of being what you are now?  Don’t you think this is something to be grateful for?

There are so many good points about gratitude. Gratitude not only puts you in the amazing state of mind and happiness, it also pulls you out of the state of neediness to the state of thankfulness. Your vibration changes. You frequency rises and all of a sudden you start attracting all the good things to you and your dreams become reality. So here is a little tip on how to be grateful and how to practice gratitude on a daily basis.

Let me tell you what I do. I have a phone app  with gratitude affirmations. Every day when I’m driving in the morning , I turn it on and I listen. It is only about 2 minutes long, however the effect from listening is long-lasting.

Canola field

Even if you don’t have  all the things that you want  materialized just yet, you can start being grateful for what you already have. Let me give a little help here.

Be grateful for yourself. Yo are the only kind, you are unique and amazing. You  came to the Earth to shine and somehow you got lost in the everyday life.  You started taking it too seriously. Embrace your inner child. What are the things that you enjoy doing?  Be grateful for being you. Be grateful for this amazing life that you have an opportunity to live. Be grateful for the freedom of choice that you have. You have the choice to decide whether you want to live one miserable life or a happy one.


Be grateful for simple things like a sunshine every morning. Be grateful for the magnificent sunset every evening. Be grateful for  running water, for the roof over our heads, for a bed to sleep tonight, for our computer working today, for the smell of freshly cut grass. Be grateful for little things and if you are grateful for little things,  big things will come to you.


I am grateful for you reading this, now go out there  and start seeing all the good things in your life!










Here is a mini video from the field


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