2015 has definitely been full of  events  and I sincerely apologize for the lack of blogging  on my part as I  have been trying to figure out how to combine having a family and running a business. For as  long as I can remember myself,  I have always loved journaling, expressing my feelings and share my thoughts with the world. And  I absolutely want to continue doing that apart from all the other 12 projects that I am trying to get going.  I am so excited to have had this opportunity to finally know my exact passions and have discovered big dreams that I am trying to fulfill.  There had been a period of emptiness  in my life  that had  finished 2 years ago. For a number of  years  I was indifferent about where my life was going and I had given up to even be passionate about something.  I was finally blessed to discover what my exact passions were  and started moving  in that direction.  Now I am so grateful to be able to  wake up every morning and see  what I have accomplished and I am also blessed to see an ocean of opportunities in front of me.  I am so happy to have been  able to put my life into a creative stream that I have been lacking before. Life has different challenges every step of the way, but that is what is moving us forward.  I am  blessed for my challenges   because any challenges create even more priceless opportunities.

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