This has been 2 years of excitement, struggle, love, happiness, self learning and developing a lot of patience in my character. Despite all the challenges it was all worth it altogether. I cannot believe my son is 2. How did he grow from a little tiny bundle of joy that I snuggled every day  and night to this never ending supply of energy that is ready to run away from me a second I turn my head away?  He has fun personality and likes to please people. He still gives best hugs. He makes me laugh. He knows that something is funny and he continues doing it because it makes me laugh. He gets a lot of bruises and I did not even photoshopped them here because this is who he is. He knows what he wants now and he always makes sure he voices it for us. He used to like eating string cheese and now he hates it. One day he likes something another day he is not interested in it anymore. He never stops changing and never stops surprising us. I want to know what is going on in his head.  What can I say, my little baby is growing into a little man. It is sad and happy at the same time.I cannot wait to know what the next phase will bring us. I love him to death! My son is two!

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Katya Melvin

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