There is something to say about this new spring weather. The air is filled with new scents, sun is shining and flowers are blooming. I am so ecstatic that the gloomy winter is finally  over and sunshine makes me so incredibly happy  and alive.

Back in the beginning of 2015 a question was raised: why was I a dreamer and why was I a fighter? I have gone through telling the most important story of my life about my son Angel and how it  was the most significant event that changed my perspective and straightened my character. I had a number of other painful events prior to this that made me a fighter. However, my dreams played the most important role in getting me where I am today: from snowy blizzards of Russian Siberia I am now living here on the sunny beaches of North Carolina  with my amazing family and doing the best job I could possibly wish for myself that involves my creativity and  passion, self sufficiency and self fulfillment.

One of a Kind. You.

I have been dreaming big as far as I could remember myself. Despite how miserable I felt, I took my journal out and wrote my thoughts, ideas and dreams down. I dreamed, dreamed, dreamed all the time. I dreamed  at school, on the bus, at work, at home. Often I walked alone back home, surrounded by the dark  streets of my urban environment. I was scared that a crazy man with a knife would jump  from behind my back.  I would just keep starring at the night sky. I was looking at a steam coming from me breathing and talked to someone invisible – to my guides. I was telling them about my dreams, my troubles and was asking them  to create a chain of events with a solution to my problems. I don’t pray in a regular sense, I just talk to the Universe like it is my best friend.  And even though 80% of my dreams never came into reality, it helped me in my self-discovery process. I always had my path, my goals in mind that I was reaching towards. Once one goal was achieved, it was quickly forgotten  and I moved on to something else.  I was the kind of person that just jumped into something head down to the full extent. Jumping into my dreams always involved trusting the process, the Universe to work things out for me.  And I had that trust. There was no other way for me. They say, you don’t need to see the entire staircase, you  just need to make the first step.  A lot of times the next step was never clear, but one way or another my life was unfolding the best scenario possible for me and it was all because I was dreaming, or should I say manifesting?

I know for the past few years manifestation movement has become  very popular. I used this technique before I even watched the Secret.  I used this technique since I was 14. At that time, I have read a life changing book, that deserves a separate blog post from me. The book answered all the questions  I have been looking answers for.  I learned manifestation and started practicing it since then. One day I will devote another blog post about what I manifested and how it came about into reality. But nothing would have come to life if I did not let myself be a dreamer. At a certain point in my life I stopped dreaming, my life turned into a routine and it was the most miserable time I have had. It is true that we all are living in our own bubble and see life from our own perspective.

If you asked  me  back in Russia if I could ever even imagine where I would  have been  and what I would have  done in 15 years. I would have had no idea. My family was never rich enough to afford any kind of travelling abroad. I  could not even attempt to imagine that I  would be living anywhere else but Russia. One day I had this burning desire to travel to USA with my friends, and despite all the obstacles and no money there was a will and there was a way.

And despite any hard times, I kept on dreaming and it got me through my hard times.  Somebody wise ones said: Your dream is not big enough if it does not scare you.  I want you to dream big, work for it and see it all come to life one day.  Life is amazing, magical, full of unexpected surprises, but no matter what, if there is something you really want, and I mean really want, that dream will always come to life.

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One of a Kind. You.

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