We had this flaky sticky snow storm today that is so unusual for the Outer Banks, NC. I thought that it would be so fun to take Alexi and Mommy pictures together in the snow. I put on my long skirt, so I could spin in the snow and  made sure Alexi and I coordinate. Unfortunately, soon after I realized that  this idea was in fact a terrible idea. Alexi was screaming, my tripod was not setting up properly and ended up breaking and my camera was getting wet under the snow, I was tripping onto my skirt and I was running out of time. I grabbed Alexi  quickly and went inside heartbroken that I lost this rare opportunity for my spinning dancing in the snow picture. After I cooled off from my first epic fail, I decided to  at least get Alexi’s pictures taken. So we went  outside again. You see all those photos of  happy kids enjoying the snow that parents put out on Facebook. And then you realize your own kid hates snow. I remember my  snow picture fail of 2014, when Alexi would not just bare a happy face for a second, and I could not get a single good picture.    This year I got 5 seconds to distract him with my Wow noise until he started crying and cringing his face.



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