It is funny how it works. When you think you have  a lot of friends,  you decide to stand out from the crowd and come out of your cage, you suddenly start to understand  that you are all alone and  always have been.  The more you talk and  open up, the more you realize you are alone, you become vulnerable. People who you thought cared about you, suddenly start ignoring you. And sad part about it, you will never know your  true friends unless you show them who you  truly are  and express yourself through your opinions and actions. They say you know your true friends when they support you through your life’s challenges.  And if they don’t, they are wearing a mask.

A lot of us wearing masks  for other people in order to appear better: happier, kinder,  more successful, but deep inside a lot of us are unhappy.

I don’t believe  rich people with  million dollar bank accounts, because they die from cancer like the rest of us.

I don’t believe trophy wives with spotless skin and designer clothes, because their  husbands cheat on  them  every chance they  get, because there  always be someone better.

I don’t believe stay at home mothers, who claim how happy they are, because caring for kids is a lot of work and sacrifice. In fact, sometimes,  we women sacrifice our spiritual selves and what used to be important to us – our hobbies, carriers, dreams, just to change diapers and chase our kids around the house to make sure they don’t break something else, and ask one question over and over again “ is that really my purpose?” And some husbands will never get to understand what it would feel like to erase your life and become a mother.

I don’ t believe feminists and couples who claim they will never have kids because having kids would disturb their lifestyle. They will never experience one of a kind feeling of pure joy when their little baby starts recognizing parents’ faces  and smile back just because. They will never experience goofy and crazy moments of total bliss when laying on the bare floor with  kids and  wanting to laugh, for no reason, just because it feels so good to laugh like that. Because the last time we laughed like that was  when we were small children ourselves.   They will never continue their kin and have no one  in the future to say where they came from and be proud of their family. Would you like that kind of eternal responsibility over slight breath of current lifetime? And anyway,  how boring would it be to live a life with no kids and go to work every day.  What is there to look forward to when coming home?

I don’t believe famous people, because they are  very limited in the way they are allowed to live. They only seem to have free will and money to do whatever the hell they want, but in fact they are highly controlled by their controllers  and the society  in a way they are supposed to live their everyday lives.

I don’t believe royals, because they are predestined to marry a certain persona to maintain the purity of royal blood.

I don’t believe a low wage worker because  he  doesn’t have enough money to pay the bills, support his family and kids or ever enjoy a family vacation.

I don’t believe people who reached everything they wanted in life, because there is nothing left for them to even desire.

The things we think we  crave on the outside is not a solution. Everything is relative. We always learn things in comparison.  Sometimes people who don’t know much better will say they are happy, just because they have never experienced or have any desire to experience other things in life. They are may be happy, or they are may be  comfortable and don’t want to change anything. I have only developed myself spiritually  when I was being aggressively pushed out of my comfort zone a number of times. I realized I am happy when I am growing as a person, when I develop on a constant basis, when I fulfill myself, when I dream, when I create. I am deeply unhappy when I reach a standstill (aka comfort zone), I lose interest in living.  I have created and printed this saying that has been on my desk for more than a few years now. The saying is –  Happiness is expansion of your own consciousness.  Learn new things, enjoy new experiences, love everyone who you meet along the way, try new things, read new books, make new friends, travel to new places, fall along the way, get up, start over, learn to cope.  This truth may be too simple, but it is also overwhelmingly complicated. Only when I have discovered the complexity of it I was amazed at myself how did I not notice it before.

I challenge you to learn who you are, discover what you really want  and once and for all be you. You are one of a kind, spiritual person. You came here with purpose. I want you to dream big and care about important issues. I want you to Be You.

About The Author

Katya Melvin

Dreamer, Fighter, Entrepreneur