Katya Melvin specializes in coaching in the following subjects

  1. Helping you discover your Life’s Purpose and achieve Happiness through Self Discovery

  2. Helping you develop a Business model around your Passions

  3. Helping you manifest and Practice the Law of Attraction and apply it to  your daily life. That includes manifesting  love, relationships, money, etc.

  4. Helping you  practice and achieve Mindfulness and Peace in your daily life

  5. Helping you  uncover your Limiting beliefs and  Blocks and start working on eliminating them to achieve success

  6. Helping you uncover your true Self Value in Relationships, Work or  Business and get you more respect and bigger paycheck from people around you. Helping you improve your Confidence, Self Value and Self Respect.

  7. Empowering you to discover Self-love and help you appreciate your True Beauty through empowerment sessions and your photo session  experience

More generalized areas include

  1. Goal setting – helping you set specific goals to achieve your dreams, desires or success in career

  2. Idea Generation – helping you brainstorm if you feel stuck in personal or business life and need new ideas and new approach

  3. Accountability- serving you as an accountability partner, as you commit to your goals you will start achieving bigger and better things

  4. Listening Ears – if you just want to let out what is bothering  you  inside.

Please be clear that life coaching requires personal efforts to get you where you want to get. But the fact that you are looking is a great start. It starts with a desire to change your life. We are not therapists, we don’t uncover your inner issues or past hurts, what we do we take your life as it is right now and guide you to that place that you want to get to by giving you a steps, guidance and tools to achieve that.

Please schedule a complementary 30 minute consultation to see if life coaching with Katya Melvin would be right  for you.