Hello there,

Katya MKatya Melvin Photoelvin is here and this blog is dedicated to sharing my thoughts ideas and inspiration  with you, my gorgeous women. I am a photographer and  entrepreneur and  life coach. I juggle multiple projects, family and life. However if you combine all of it in one sentence all my work, purpose and passion revolves around making women see beauty in themselves and inspire them to become more – happier, more successful, more inspired. I have a  nonconformist  creative spirit. I share the belief that everything is possible to achieve if one really desires to do so.  English is my second language, so  if you happen to find a few imperfections in my writing, you can blame it on my background. In the meantime, I believe that crossing a point and delivering a message is more important than grammar and punctuation, although  I am always striving towards perfection.

I believe in God, but don’t belong to any church.  I am spiritual, yet practical. I am a big dreamer , yet I take small steps to achieve big things.    I have had a few road bumps  along the way, however,  every time I have come out stronger and better than I was before. My projects are inseparable from who I am  and that is why  my blog is personal  and public at the same time.

Katya Melvin