With a growing number of weddings each year, the Outer Banks is becoming the place to get married on the East Coast. Did you know that  the Outer Banks is one of the most sought after destination wedding locations in the US? And here are few bullet points  to prove it.

Outer Banks Nature

Whalehead club wedding Outer BanksOur pristine  beaches are highly ranked for cleanliness and it’s serenity. One TripAdvisor user puts it like this: “The Outer Banks of North Carolina are by far the best beaches on the east coast. After my first visit, I never went back to New Jersey — EVER. I would rather drive the 7 hours to OBX than the hour and a half it takes to get to NJ beaches from where I live.”

Outer Banks is surely unique. Over the years in the midst of  development and construction spur,  the Outer Banks  still has managed to  preserve the beauty of wild nature and moreover incorporate wild nature into its architectural landscape.

Strict construction laws prohibit building tall homes, and  environmental control takes a great care of the local echo system.  On top of that, there are many parks and nature preserves  that altogether form a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding that is hard to find anywhere else.

Outer Banks Ocean

Our ocean and our beaches are your  main reasons you are  even considering having your wedding on theOuter Banks beaches Outer Banks, right? Beautiful horizon lines of the ocean and tranquil dunes covered in sea oats will look amazing in your wedding photography and those memories will be cherished for years to come.

Outer Banks Honeymoon

With that said, how can you not appreciate  waking up in the morning after your wedding, opening  up your curtains and seeing sandy beaches overflowing with sunshine. You are staring your honeymoon right here and right now.  No need to travel anywhere else.

Outer Banks Vacation

What  a  great excuse your guests have  to get away for a vacation!  Think about those family members that live far away. You will reunite here, spend quality time together and make beautiful memories together.

Wedding decor outer banksOuter Banks Weather

The climate is pretty mild around here. We get a lot of sunshine in the summer.  It can get hot in the summer. That is why it would be a great idea  to consider having your wedding  in the spring or fall. Temperature is cooler  and  rates are lower.

Outer Banks Rates

That brings up another point. A general rule of thumb is that accommodation rates  are lower in the spring  up until Memorial Day and drop back down right after Labor Day.  There are plenty of accommodation options: you can rent a house for yourself, or rent a house that would accommodate  all of your family and guests. Depending on your budget, that might be a win-win, because everyone can chip in on rent, and, if you decide to have your wedding at your rental house,  you got your venue covered as well.

Outer Banks Venues


108 Budleigh Manteo NC venueBesides a variety of event rental homes that you can rent for a week, there are other venues for every taste and occasion. Piers can get you as close to the ocean as you can possibly be on your wedding day. Gardens can give you that woodland atmosphere and Victorian charm.  We even have a Vineyard! There are multiple options available, but make sure to book a year in advance due to high demand.


5 great  tips to consider when having your Outer Banks wedding outside


  1. A lot of couples hold their ceremony on the beach and then have a reception elsewhere. If you want to have a beach ceremony, do not forget about the wind. Wind can mess up your hair, so pin them up to preserve your hair do for later time. Wind can  also make it difficult for your guests to hear your vows. There are many options  around here  for you to rent a microphone.
  2. If you do chose to have your wedding ceremony outside, be mindful of the sun pattern. If you are hiring a photographer, he will tell you that the best light for the ceremony or portraits is right after  the sunrise or an hour before the sunset. Our schedules might not always follow that pattern, it is still better to hold your wedding closer to the evening than  at noon. Midday sun creates very hard shadows on your face and will blow up  highlights in the photo. On top of that it will make you squint.  Make sure to discuss your timeline with a photographer.
  3. getting married on the outer banksAnother point to consider when holding a ceremony outside is heat. It can get very uncomfortable for you and your guests if heat levels are high. That is another great reason to have your ceremony after 5pm or early in the morning. As a last resort, please make sure your guests bring hats to cover their heads from the sun. You can also include mini fans in your guest favor bags for some airflow during the ceremony, in case there is no wind.
  1. Always have a plan B in case of rain. Weather can get unpredictable. I have seen cases when bride had to rent a clear tent for her wedding at the Elizabethan gardens. It was not a part of her original plan, but it was her emergency plan. The wedding turned out gorgeous and fun and rain was not an issue.
  2. If you have decided to hold your ceremony or reception outside, please warn your guests what shoes to wear. I have seen cases when the wedding was being held in the backyard of a beach house that had sandy soil on the ground. Guests were clearly unaware of the backyard situation and came in wearing stilettos. As you might think that did not work out very well. Please always have clear expectations for your guests. Put a lot of photos of the venue on your wedding website, and keep every guest updated in case  any changes  do occur.


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