As a local Outer Banks Wedding Photographer, I follow other photographers and  decorators for new global wedding trends. I do have one advantage, I  can speak and read Russian. I have noticed that Moscow has been setting a lot of World’s trends lately, and I want to share with you what I have gathered from observing  trends in Moscow, China, Asia, United States and Europe.  In  fact there are a few handful  new wedding  trends that are becoming more and more popular in Europe and the US that you might not have heard of.


Trend # 1 Pre Wedding Session

You probably think, how many more sessions can you have? There are engagements, bridals, trash the dress, boudoirs  and morning after sessions. What is Pre wedding session?

108 Budleigh StylePre-wedding photos include photos of the couple wearing their wedding attire, while engagement photos anticipate more casual look, and done primarily to announce an engagement. Pre-Wedding session saves  a couple the  time during their wedding day, and let’s them spend more time enjoying  their wedding.

Some brides chose to wear one wedding dress for their pre-wedding session, and then a second dress for their wedding.

In fact, a lot of times pre-wedding sessions lasts anywhere form 3-6 hours. During that time you will travel to multiple locations, change your outfit 2 or 3 times, have lunch, just enjoy a day that is all about you and amazing photography to follow.

Trend # 2 Destination Engagement Session

Some couples  take a flight to France  and Italy for their destination pre-wedding  or engagement session.  Believe it or not, this is becoming more and more  popular around the globe. In fact why not to have a great excuse to take your engagement photos next to an Eiffel tower. Is there any more romantic spot in the world for those. France is about love, baby.

Trend # 3  Love Story Session

outer banks love story sessionLove story  session is a session that tells a story of your love. While engagement session only represents  both of you sweetly posed together showing off your engagement rings. Engagement or pre- wedding  session can be turned into a love story by adding a few storyline elements to it. The story can be real or imagined.   What mainly set’s love story apart from any other session is the action components involved. It is not a static session. You can start in one location and move on to different location for each part of the story. You can depict your love relationship as they happened. As an example, may be you and your fiancée fell in love, had a history of breakup and then got back together. You can include those elements into your session. One of my favorite photographers has put this concept into life by having a groom floating away on a boat while the bride was standing on a pier, and then they happily reunited in the next chapter by riding in a vintage car together.  Another example of love story can be less complex. The couple sits by the campfire  making smore’s, and then a groom get’s his guitar out and starts signing songs to the love of his life, and then they both go for a walk in the woods. Can you see how love story incorporates elements of movement as events unfold?


Trend # 4 Themed engagement session

I have seen some couples incorporating theme into their engagement session. So let’s say you and your fiancée met at the library, and you decided to have your engagement session at the library. It surely has some elements  of  a love story session, but in this case they both wearing outfits that would best represent the look and feel that they are going for. This is an opportunity to be a movie star in your own movie, except instead of the movie you have amazing photography left behind and experience that is  you unlikely repeat again.


Trend # 5  Stylized session

Stylized session is similar to a themed  session, but in this case you (or your decorator) are setting the stage for your photography.

Couples may decide to include their decorator into styling their  getting ready and bride and groom portraits. Decorator creates a beautiful set for the bride to get ready in, styles the set with flowers and  pretty furniture and fabric. In the end bride and groom enjoy absolutely stunning images and a memory of the day.

The same idea works for bride and groom’s portraits. Have you seen those amazing images of brides and grooms in a magazine. I hate to break it to you, they are most likely styled, meaning they have been staged either before the actual wedding or simply using models.  If you are feeling inspired to have  breathtaking and artistic images, like the ones from the magazine, you need to schedule it in advance because they will  take a good amount of time to complete.

Stylized wedding sessionIf you are still determined to have a concept for your bride and groom’s session, as well as  come out with a  unique set of photos from your wedding day that, I bet,  nobody else has, I recommend to  incorporate a beautiful photoset into your decor, whether indoors, outdoors, on the beach. I mean, possibilities are endless. With any wedding being pretty packed with events of the day, I would like to stress an importance of having enough time to capture memories. Please allow plenty of time for your photos on your wedding day. Work it into your timeline and if you can  have a pre-wedding session in advance.


Katya Melvin PhotographerThis completes my observation of global photography trends that are currently growing in popularity around the world. If you enjoyed reading about these trends and if you had any questions regarding the trends, please leave your comment below. I will be happy to respond or even write another blog post on that topic.

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