I know I am a bit late writing about this. It has been almost 3 weeks since I have been back from Nashville. I thought this post would summarize my experience. I should say this was the first photography convention I have been to.  I flew to Nashville TN from Norfolk, VA. The weather was next to freezing. I remember my first thought  when I got to  Gaylord Opryland  Resort: why do they need 6 valet lanes for people checking into the hotel?  But once I went inside,  I realized I was in a theme park.  Tropical gardens   casually hanging down, waterfalls  telling their stories near the  bar,  paths and paths of blooming rich greenery to explore, glass top roof to keep it all thriving, river boat rides. Not to mention comfortable temperature, nothing like what was really going on outside.

I met new friends,  expanded my knowledge during classes, touched and felt beautiful professional products. But the main reason I went – I went for inspiration and I got plenty of it. In fact, before I went,  I felt  like I was  losing  the spark of why I even started my journey as a photographer.  I felt I was not successful at implementing what I really loved about photography  into my practice. I was lacking creativity, and I am nothing but a ball of creativity waiting to explode. May be I was not sure how to  properly  approach it. I think my main mistake was trying to be like everyone else and compare myself to everyone else, while I really needed to focus on my own goals and my own ideas, even though my ideas could have been different from the majority.  I was doing what everyone else was  doing. And I realized my whole approach was wrong.  After listening to other photographer’s  stories and how they managed to  use their particular passion in their practice gave me peace with myself and realization of what path I would be taking with it. I also narrowed down my specialty and decided to focus on what interests me, instead of being jack-of-all-trades. I still have so much to learn and I cannot wait to start improving.  I think this year is a new year for me. I am excited to be who I want to be.


































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