Starting my 2015 I want to make a few promises to myself and you be the witness.

  1. I will stop worrying about “stuff”, because 90% of that “stuff” is my wild imagination and will never happen.
  2. I will start living a meaningful life, life full of inspiration  and dreams. 2014 was my comeback year. I have had rough patch, but it was over when my son Alexi Melvin came to this Earth in June 2013. 2014 brought me hope, new dreams, new purpose, new meaning. 2014 have set me free from the stagnation and brought me back to life.
  3. I will express my own opinion publicly and will not care about criticism. I used to keep silent just because my opinion was different from the majority. I was afraid to be different and I was afraid to be judged.  Now I am breaking free from that. Now I am OK with criticism. I am OK with expressing my own  opinion. I am OK with telling what I think. I am OK with being imperfect. I am OK to stand for the things I believe in. I am OK to be in the minority. I am not afraid to look silly . I am not afraid to be judged.
  4. I will follow my passion and do what makes me happy. For years I have been stuck in this stagnant life of 9-5 work 6 days a week. I have been doing this until Alexi came about. I forgot how to entertain.  I lost my passions and my hobbies stopped interest me. I have broken free form that. I intend to put a lot of effort in creating value for myself and others  and do what makes me happy and feeds my soul.
  5. I will push my limits further. I realize that   when we get comfortable in life, our life stops. Every time I push my limits, no matter how scary it is, I go out of my comfort zone, I evolve. Evolution  and growth is the purpose, because it brings happiness.
  6. I will inspire other people just like they have inspired me on pursuing our passions and erasing any self doubts and self consciousness.  I will inspire others to be their best and stand for the true values.  I will inspire others to love themselves. I will inspire others to be beautiful, spiritual, compassionate. I will inspire people to see the world in all its beauty.

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Katya Melvin

Dreamer, Fighter, Entrepreneur