5 Day Black and White Challenge

I was invited by another local photographer to participate in a 5 day black and white challenge. The challenge was meant to remind us, photographers, to get our gear out and capture everyday moments of our lives on camera. I have to say I was guilty about not doing that. I was so caught in the everyday routine that getting my gear out and setting it up for a couple of evening pictures seemed like too much work. However, I am so thankful to my friend for this reminder. Before Alexi was born, I promised to myself to capture every single moment I had with him to be able to always remember those precious moments. There was just no excuse for me to forget. I promise, I will work on getting better at photographing my little moments that happen on a daily basis. I know there will be a day when I get old, and sit in a big red chair and remember my life and treasure those true to life pictures the most.

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